Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When did men start having babies.... Meet man who is 3 months pregnant

According to Top Right News a Texas man unable to work because of his pregnancy, successfully applied for and received public assistance. He is allegedly earning $3,500 per month plus food subsidies and free medical services. “I just can’t work with the hot flashes and morning sickness,” Smith told TRN. “All I can manage to do is watch TV and eat for two – me and the baby.”
Smith claims pregnancy for men lasts much longer than it does with women.
“It’s a 36-month term with men,” Smith said. “I’m currently three months along. After I have the baby, I’ll likely need to be on assistance for a couple more years. I’m thinking six years total. Being a single parent is extremely difficult, plus I have diabetes, back problems and have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder due to watching too many horror films.”
How does a man become pregnant?
“Through sex,” Smith said. “Just like with women. Its rare, but happens.”
Smith said he doesn’t know who the biological father is as he had multiple sex partners during the time period he became impregnated.
You know what... I can feel it in my heart, Jesus is coming very soon.


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  2. Ha, I can't believe this? ??pregnant man?
    Surely we are in end time