Friday, April 24, 2015

Woman dies after accidentally eating poisoned soup she prepared for her husband

A frustrated housewife died after mistakenly eating the poisoned soup she prepared for her husband. Thw woman identified as Egwoli in Atumaga Community in Delta State had been trying to get her husband to sleep with her to no avail, she then approached a native doctor who gave her a poisonous charm which she laced her egusi (melon) with..The charm was to make her husband have a change of heart.

According to Leadership ,she complained that her husband has not been making love to her since they got married two years ago.The man had told some persons that he was involved in extra-marital affairs because of an odour that oozes from his wife.

On her return from the native doctor’s place on Friday evening, she immediately applied the charm but unfortunately the man was nowhere to be found. She was said to have mistakenly mixed the charm in her own soup not knowing it was poisonous. She ate it, went to bed and died.

Reacting, the husband said:

 “My wife had threatened to make me impotent when I stopped making love to her for obvious reasons and I found some fetish items in her room, including the egusi soup she ate before her death.

Delta State Police spokesman, DSP Celestina Kalu, said the police was currently investigating the circumstances that led to the woman’s death, adding that reports indicated she was involved in fetish activities


  1. This confirms the saying "What goes around comes around".

  2. This confirms the saying "What goes around comes around".