Thursday, April 23, 2015

Xenophobia: AU seeks hastened creation of United States of Africa

With no sign of an end to the xenophobic violence that has ravaged South Africa in the past days in sight, and as reactions continue to trail the inhuman treatment meted out to foreigners in the country, the African Union, (AU) through its organ, the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) has stressed the need to rapidly move towards the creation of the United States of Africa. 

In a statement issued Thursday in Abuja and signed by the presiding officer, ECOSOCC, Hon. Joseph Chilengi, said the Commission as the secretariat of the AU should as a matter of urgency convene an extra-ordinary emergency session of the Union to discuss the situation and authorize a framework of action for addressing it on a collective basis.

According to him, the union should use its experience to conceive pan-African programs and policies that would prevent the re-occurrence of such violence..
"The Government and people of South Africa must take timely and immediate action to ensure the cessation of all acts of hostilities in this context and to assure the security of lives and property of all Africans and indeed all people in South Africa regardless of their state of origin.
"As a logical corollary, the instigators and perpetrators of the gruesome acts must be brought to justice, irrespective of their status in the community. The South African government should also encourage all stakeholders and the broad strata of South Africa Society to embrace civil dialogue rather than violent interactions as a means of expressing opinions," Chileng stressed.
He stated that compensation be paid to all victims while political, economic and psychological policies and programs of restitution and reinsertion should be put in place to ensure the reintegration of victims in society.


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