Monday, May 18, 2015

Adjourned: Okada riders' N1bn suit against Lagos state government

A Federal High Court in Lagos has further adjourned till June 22, 2015 the fundamental rights enforcement suit filed against the Lagos State Government by motorcycle operators, popularly called Okada riders in the state.
The Okada riders, about 120 in number, had sued the state claiming compensation in the sum of N1bn over alleged unlawful arrest,  detention, torture and seizure of their motorcycles by agents of the state.
The plaintiffs, in the suit marked FHC/L/CS/756/14, claimed that they were arrested by agents of the state on various routes within the state from which the Schedule II of the Lagos State Road Traffic Law, 2012 did not prohibit them from operating.
They are contending that their arrest and the impounding of their motorcycles without being given an opportunity to defend themselves before a competent court of law amounted to a breach of sections 34 and 35 of the constitution.
The plaintiffs, who alleged unlawful arrest, detention, intimidation, embarrassment and torture by agents of Lagos State, are seeking a court injunction restraining the respondents from further arresting and impounding their motorcycles.
Apart from seeking compensation for damages in the sum of N1bn, the plaintiffs also want an order of the court  compeling the respondents to tender published apology to them in two national dailies.
These okada riders must be definitely praying their heads off in hopes of winning this case 'cos it's a whole lot of money they are suiting the Lagos State government for.

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  1. Hehehe,their lawyer no advise them.Can you institute an action against the government and succeed?oyo una dey