Thursday, May 14, 2015

APC say they are planning a low key presidential inauguration

The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential inauguration  committee, Chief Timipire Silva, has said that the committee is planning a compact inauguration and hand-over ceremony scheduled for May 29.
Speaking on the inauguration of the new government, Silva said the committee's assignment is progressing well and that it hopes to meet the expectations of Nigerians for a well-packaged transition ceremony. 
"There are no challenges; we are planning very well and I think we are going to give Nigerians a compact inauguration. We are not going to be flamboyant; we think that this country cannot afford a flamboyant ceremony this time because the economy is not in good shape right now. So we are actually planning to give Nigerians a sanitised and compact event which will be a source of pride to Nigerians," he said.
On the number of Heads of state and government expected for the ceremony, he said, "Although we have not gotten all the confirmation yet..., we have already gotten from some countries"

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  1. No money in the country, may God help Buhari