Sunday, May 24, 2015

Armed robbery suspect arrested on his wedding day

Oyo State Police Command  arrested a suspected  member of a robbery gang on his wedding day. 
Olumide Asiyanbi, 42,  told newsmen that nemesis caught up with him when he was at the registry to sign the dotted lines.                

 The police alleged he was a member of  a six-man-robbery gang who had  terrorised residents of Challenge area of Ibadan, the state capital.
The state Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Katsina, said the suspects included  a 62-year-old Ghanaian.
According to a report from Vanguard, Asiyanbi  confessed that he had been involved in 10 different robbery attacks before he was arrested.
He said, “I was arrested on my wedding day. I met the gang leader, James Agba, last year. He told me  he knew how we could be getting regular money. He then initiated me into the gang. I have taken part in at least 10 operations since I joined them.
“We  used gun but I don’t know where James was buying them. Sulaimon and Alhaji, who are also in the gang, knew how the guns were bought for our operations. I have fired shots at our targets but nobody was killed.”
What a pity! Such shame and pain has he brought to his would be wife..

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  1. i can imagine the huge disgrace,kiikikikikikikik