Friday, May 08, 2015

Gunman opens fire on Yobe school students, injures 12

A gunman opened fire on Friday outside a school in northeast Nigeria‘s city of Potiskum, seriously wounding 12 students in an area repeatedly targeted by Boko Haram, a police officer and witnesses said.
“We have evacuated 12 people with serious gunshot wounds to hospital from the scene of the shooting attack,” said the officer, who requested anonymity.

Multiple students at the College of Administrative and Business Studies in Potiskum, Yobe state, said the attacker with explosives strapped to his body blew himself up when he ran out of ammunition, but the blast caused no other casualties.

Following a wave of attacks in the city, including on schools and colleges, students at CABS must pass through security screening before entering the campus.
The gunman fired on a crowd waiting at the gate to be screened, witnesses said.
When he ran out of ammunition he detonated the explosives under his robe, killing himself but no one from the crowd,” Umar told AFP.
However, residents say three students were killed.

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