Friday, May 01, 2015

I almost committed suicide - Tonto Dikeh

Call her Nigeria’s most controversial actress and you won’t be wrong. But did you know Tonto almost committed suicide at a point in her life? She tells it all in a recent article she wrote.
“Woke up reflecting on who I am and how far I have grown spiritually, physically as a woman.
I had so much anger, So much venom, so much hate to give.I didn’t understand why; neither did I give A hoot. I was a walking disaster, A ticking time Bomb. I was on a suicide part on a regular, sigh# Bottom line I Saved me, I got to realise that no one cares about your pain or life, people already have too much on their plate.
I came to realise that anger is a more deadly messed up illness than cancer, my anger was the shield between me and happiness, Love, Life, etc. I came to realise that my future depends on me letting go of all the hurt/anger/negativity and fully committed to God and living a good life.”
Suicide is never an option..

This is to wishing you all a beautiful, peaceful, fulfilling and prosperous new month. Happy May day celebrations! 

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  1. I really don't understand this tonto dike she has a dual personality. Is it because of the hard drugs she takes?