Monday, May 11, 2015

I had to avenge my friend's death, cultist says after killing another cultist

A 20-year old man, Joberi Pyagbara, now in police custody for his involvement in cult activities, has told City News that he killed a member of a rival cult group and buried him in a remote community to conceal his deed.

Pyagbara spoke to City News shortly after he was paraded, together with 30 other cult members, by the police. He said he could not have a rival cult group kill his friends without fighting back. According to him, he identified one of the cult members that killed his friend around his Eken community in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State and clubbed him to death.

The young man, currently benefitting from the Federal Government Amnesty Programme, said killing, before he was arrested, gave him a sense of satisfaction as a member of a cult group. On how he was caught, he said he and other cult members were arrested during a rival cult war.
He said, “I was arrested by the police because of cultism. It was during a community fight. Members of a cult group killed some of my friends and we decided to avenge and killed two. When the other cult group (Demua) came, they scattered the community. Many
people ran away while they killed our friends. I belong to Dewell. We don’t kill, but when anybody offends us, we go after him. They (other cult group) started it all by killing our members and we had to fight back. It is true that I killed one person and buried him in my community, Eken in Khana Local Government Area. I dug a small grave and did it (buried him). As a cultist, I felt satisfied when I killed those who killed my friends.”