Sunday, May 10, 2015

Incredible! How 19 years old charm married women and young girls to bed

It may sound so weird and strange, but true of how a 19-yr-old drop-out hypnotizes all calibres of women to his bed with strange rings.
The Detectives attached to Nsukka Area Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Enugu State, were dumb- founded, recently, following startling confession of the elementary six drop-out over his exploits with girls and homosexuals using a strange ring who at stage lost counts of the number of women he has slept with.
The unremorseful suspect, Chukwuebuka Ani, who hails from Nara in Nkanu Local Government Area of the state told policemen that he uses ring to attract young girls and married women and homosexuals, but he takes home a whooping N100,000 per day after each love tango with the gay.

He confessed that he was initiated into the secret cult by his friend at Community Primary School, Isiagu, Awka, Anambra State who gave him biscuits and sachet water during break time.
According to him, at night, that my friend appeared and asked me to follow him. Unknown to me, the biscuit and water he gave me earlier had automatically initiated me into their cult. He took me to a lady he identified as Amarachi Eze, who lives in a four-storey building in Awka.

Chukwuebuka stated that he was in that game for over three years and each time he tried to escape from the cult, the lady will threaten to kill him, pointing out that he has reported to the police but he ended up being detained for days while the lady will still come to release him and request for sex.

“She will also direct me to continue to initiate more people. I found out that any girl I had intercourse with, will automatically become a member of our cult group. Also, I discovered that once I insert the ring in my mouth, anything I tell somebody must be accepted and obeyed to the last letter.

I kept on using it to make love to a good number of girls and married women that crossed my way. There were so many that I can not identify them. I was only interested in having fun and initiating them into the group as directed by the lady, Amarachi.” he told Vanguard. 

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  1. Ha! Chai he must rot in jail. I can just imagine all the devilish act he has done