Saturday, May 09, 2015

Islamists chopped off professor's hand because he set exam question about a character called Mohammed 

Professor T J Joseph from Kerala, India was brutally maimed by 13 members of the Islamic Group ‘The Popular Front’ because he used the name Mohammed in a grammar exam.

He described to India’s NDTV website how, following a number of lucky escapes from previous attacks, he was dragged from his car and then thugs slashed at his hand with knives.
The professor, who teaches communication at a college in Thodpuzah, explained that the attack took place not far from his home as his assailants blocked him in his car using their vehicle and then smashed his window.
Professor Joseph has had to go through a number of surgical procedures to reattach and save what little remained of his hand and to treat other gashes sustained in the savage attack.
Ten of those involved in the attack on Joseph have now been sentenced to eight years in prison. 

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  1. Chai, wickedness, they always want to potray the religion bad