Friday, May 01, 2015

Jonathan: Defectors from PDP to APC will return with empty stomachs

Judging by what President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday, I wonder if  politicians have the interest of the masses at heart at all, because it seems they are only there to fill their stomachs and pockets..hehe
 According to THISDAY, President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday said those who defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to All Progressives Congress (APC), would return to PDP with empty stomachs
He equally charged members of the party to put the failure at the just-concluded general elections behind them, unite and re-consolidate the party ahead of the 2019 elections.

Jonathan made these statements when the PDP's campaign team presented their report to him at the new Banquet Hall, Presidential Villa.
The president noted the 2015 general election was similar to a civil war because different people gave account of the civil war.
"The first book I read on the civil war was ‘My Command’ by Obasanjo. He gave his perspective on what he saw and the role he played...if you read it, the dimension is tangential to the threat (before the election).
"I know that the issue of the 2015 general elections, maybe after some years, we will get a different perspective. With my position, I have the privilege to know better than most other people.
"The key thing is not whether we lost or won election, the key thing is that Nigeria as a nation, must move forward," Jonathan said.
According to him, political parties could only thrive when there was peace and stability in the country, adding that if there was military intervention, all political parties would disappear.
He added that "and for PDP, I always say that you don't need to go to Americans to know how they moved from democrats to republican and so can even come to Ghana very close to us.
"The present administration lost election some eight years back and it came back. The issue is how do we re-consolidate our party and we are committed and work hard, PDP will come back stronger. PDP is still the dominant party. If you look at the result, the difference is 2 point something votes.
“Let us not judge PDP by the result of the presidential election. Our duty is to go back and identify those areas. PDP is still the most organised party that nobody owns. I encourage members of our party to remain and not be in disillusion just because we lost the presidential election and decide to go to where to get things that will feed their stomachs or something.
“It is not easy, I have been here for over five years and you can hardly satisfy 50 per cent of those who worked for you.
“So, these people who are running, some of them are already carpet-crossing, they will come back with empty stomachs because they would touch the primary members of their party before they would look at you, the peripheral, because they know you are coming because you think there is food. Before it will get to you, the food will be gone. So let us be committed to PDP.”


  1. Simply because PDP lost out in the general elections, its party members decided to defect. I hope they get that into their heads.

  2. Simply because PDP lost out in the general elections, its party members decided to defect. I hope they get that into their heads.