Sunday, May 03, 2015

Mu’azu fights back as plot to unseat him thickens

In a spirited fightback in the midst of the pressure on him and the NWC to stand down, Muazu reminded critics that his office and that of the NWC members were tenured, saying PDP must turn its back on the era of using and dumping members.    
“It is also time to end the spate of infighting and blame games currently dominating the political discourse among our membership and the leadership,” Muazu stated. “It will do no one any good. The present leadership has until next year to run their course. The party will then decide how to deal with the zoning of the next leadership and strategies for   winning the 2019 elections.”
Muazu said, “The developing culture of using and dumping has reached fratricidal proportions in the PDP and it must end. You cannot be changing chairmen and NWC every year and still have cohesion, which is a vital ingredient of winning. A good example occurred when we changed five senate presidents in eight years and produced calamity in the process, but for eight years we have had one senate president and produced harmony between the presidency and parliament.”
The national chairman said the outcome of this year’s general election should spur PDP on to strategies for self-reinvention ahead of the next election in 2019, rather than stir a wave of mudslinging and blame game over the party’s failure to win a fourth consecutive presidential election.
“Stories spreading like wild fire in the social media about schisms in our great party can only energise the incoming administration of the APC, and their wish list that include the burial of the PDP. But we can shock them with our usual resilience and ability to turn the tables, particularly, as they are already developing a tottering ineptitude in their transition progression to power.
“Our game plan is to provide a virile opposition to the new government, which we have already graciously given a lifeline by conceding defeat and avoiding a calamitous battle in the courts,” Muazu stated.

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