Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nollywood actor and wife arrested for selling son for 350k

Nemesis has finally caught up with an upcoming Nollywood actor and his wife as they are currently in police custody for selling their two-year-old son, Samuel Chukwuneye for N350, 000 to a Port Harcourt based woman simply identified as Ogechi.
The two accused, simply identified as Kanayo Awurum, 29, and Ugochi Kelechi, 28, are from Ikeduru Local Government Area in Imo State.      
According to a police source, Kanayo, who is an upcoming Nollywood actor impregnated Ugochi more than two years ago and ran away. He returned sometime in October 2014 and apologised to her with a promise to marry her. Ugochi accepted him back and got pregnant again.
However, when his resources dwindled, he convinced Ugochi to relocate with him to Lagos State as soon as they were able to raise money.
He convinced her to use their son as a collateral to collect a loan that will be paid back in three months. Unknown to Ugochi, her son was sold to one Mrs Ogechi who lives in Port Harcourt.
Armed with the pro­ceed of the sale, the couple relocated to Lagos and rented an apartment at Ikotun, Lagos. Two weeks later, Kanayo travelled home with an excuse that there was a pro­ject that he was called upon to execute. He left his lover with little or no money with the promise to return in two days. Days dragged into weeks and Ugochi was left at the mercy of the landlord and neighbours who gave her money for feeding.
Although Kanayo called giving excuses why he was yet to return, Ugochi became frustrated especially when her lover told her that their son, Samuel might not return again. She also learnt from the landlord, that her lover was making arrangement to col­lect the remaining part of the rent and send her packing. Ugochi confided in their family friend who alerted the police of the develop­ment.
Lagos State police spokesman, Kenneth Nwosu said the matter is still under investigation. 


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