Friday, May 15, 2015

Now they're using insects to make drinks!

Enterprising distiller Will Lowe thinks he's come up with a recipe for success in lucrative market for posh spirits - with a gin made from ants.  
Mr Lowe uses thousands of red wood ants collected from forests in Kent to flavour the one-of-a-kind concoction, which he makes at his lab-style distillery in Cambridge.        
The resulting gin, called Anty Gin, is the first in the world to be made using insects and each £200 70cl bottle contains the 'essence' of 62 ants.
I know my fellow Nigerians will not craze and take this.. hehe 

Insects are eaten the world over and it's only us westerners that tend to turn our noses up at them, but some of the world's top restaurants are now using insects in their dishes'.
The insects are known for their citrus flavour, caused by the formic acid they produce in their abdomens, and spray as a defence mechanism.
When the formic acid mixes with alcohol it produces aromatic flavours.
Mr Lowe said: 'The reason people use ants is they have a very specific flavour which is best described as a citrus flavour. 

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