Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Pedestrian bridges defaulters to be sanctioned soon

Residents of Lagos State who refuse to use pedestrian bridges in the state will soon be sanctioned, The Lagos State House of Assembly, at its plenary, made the resolution, a statement said on Tuesday.
A lawmaker, Rotimi Olowo, representing Somolu Constituency 2, had alerted other members of the Assembly to the prevalence of avoidable deaths, especially on expressways in the state.
Olowo noted that many of the incidences happened where there were pedestrian bridges, describing the situation as unacceptable
Another lawmaker, Dr. Ajibayo Adeyeye, recollected that there used to be a wire mesh at the Ojota area which prevented the crossing of the expressway.
He suggested that such measures could be replicated to deter people from crossing the expressway.
The Deputy Whip of the Assembly, Rotimi Abiru, said,“The change that we all clamour for starts with all of us. We must play our parts.”
Biko Lagosians you guys should try and use the pedestrian bridges always. We all know it's safer and don't say it is a waste of time because it's just a few seconds difference if you choose to cross the ever busy express by foot.


  1. Nice one. They should start it already!

  2. I'm in support of this because many have lost their lives while crossing the high ways.

  3. I prefer the pedestrian bridge, I am always scared to cross the highway.