Friday, May 29, 2015

Photo of the wedding proposal which caused an uproar on social media

It is said "Never upstage a bride at her own wedding"..A wedding guest obviously didn't get the memo as he proposed to his girlfriend during a wedding.To make matters worse,he did it right infront of the couple..The picture which has gone viral after being shared on Reddit,has caused outrage with many slamming the couple,The pic uploaded by an unnamed user,who deleted the account,has been viewed a staggering 1.36million times..                                              
Many think the bride was trying hard to mask her anger.. Is anything wrong with the proposal?
See some comments below


  1. Nothing is wrong with it..

  2. Habaaa it's not too bad nah

    The whole proposal show shouldn't last more than 15mins so it won't be said to have stolen the show!!!

  3. Don't mind these whites always taking things to the extreme

  4. that's not fair...they should have allowed the couple enjoy their day and not taking the spotlight from them