Thursday, May 14, 2015

Revealed, North Korea's 20 crimes punishable by execution

Under dictator Kim Jong-Un's oppressive rule, the country's residents can be executed for more than 20 different crimes, many of them ambiguous, without a fair trial.

The list has emerged in the wake of the brutal murder of the country's defence minister for falling asleep during military meetings and answering back to Kim. 

Thousands of executions have been carried out in North Korea since the 1950s, with the largest numbers in the 1990s and 2000s, according to theInternational Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)
The organisation, which represents more than 150 human rights across five continents, produced the list of crimes in a report after meeting with North Korean witnesses.
See the list below. 
  • Plots against National Sovereignty (discretionary)
  • Terrorism (discretionary)
  • Treason (discretionary)
  • Damage or destruction (discretionary)
  • Perfidy against the People (discretionary)
  • Intentional murder (discretionary)
  • Extremely grave crime of deliberate damage or destruction of resources reserved for purposes of combat and military facilities (mandatory) 
  • Extremely grave crime of seizing state property (mandatory) 
  • Extremely grave crime of the deliberate damage or destruction of state property (mandatory) 
  • Extremely grave crime of currency counterfeiting (mandatory) 
  • Extremely grave crime of smuggling and introducing jewels and coloured metal onto the black market (mandatory)
  • Crime of illicitly selling the state's resources (discretionary) 
  • Extremely grave crime of smuggling and introducing narcotics onto the black market (mandatory)
  • Extraordinarily grave act of delinquency (discretionary)
  • Crime of illegal business operations (discretionary)
  • Extremely grave crime of deliberately inflicting aggravated bodily injuries (discretionary)
  • Extremely grave crime of kidnapping (mandatory)
  • Extraordinarily grave crime of rape (discretionary)
  • Extremely grave crime of theft of private property (mandatory)
  • Extraordinarily grave crime of escape from prison (discretionary)
  • Crimes punishable by lifetime reform through labour or death penalty in exceptional circumstances (discretionary)
  • Circulation of forex punishable by execution
  • Execution by gun squad for divulging classified information via cell phone


  1. Well looks like jail terms are not mandatory there.

  2. This is barbaric, they need to review this shit .

  3. Nonsense and ingedient

  4. Nonsense and ingedient