Saturday, May 02, 2015

Sad! Trader who could survive BH loses life to armed robbers

A 24-year-old trader, Chinedu Eneje, who fled from the Northern part of the country in order to save his life from the onslaught of the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents, has, unfortunately, been killed by armed robbers. He was killed a few days after returning to the warm embrace of members of his family by bandits who laid siege to the Adani/Nsukka Expressway in Enugu State.

Narrating how the latest incident took place, the driver of the commuter bus, who gave his name as Ifeanyi Ogba, told Crime Guard that the attack was his third experience along the road, adding that the robbers blocked the road along a sharp bend near Ikwuoka, emerged from the bush, ordered everybody to lie flat on the ground and robbed them one after the other. They also took their luggage and dashed into the bush.
“The robbers fired their guns immediately we were stopped, shot me in my left hand while a stray bullet pierced and killed the passenger seated beside me in front of the bus. He died before we could reach Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka where his corpse was deposited,” he recounted. Investigations revealed that armed robbers carry out incessant raids on the expressway.

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