Sunday, May 10, 2015

South Africa: Usually violent filled strike season approaches after recent attacks on foreigners

Each winter, weeks of angry demonstrations erupt in cities across the country as employees down tools and flock into the streets during pay negotiations.
South Africa’s annual season of labour strikes often turns violent, but a recent wave of deadly xenophobic attacks has heightened fears that this year’s protests could fuel further aggression towards migrant workers.

Employment is scarce in South Africa, and much of the frustration is targeted at migrant workers from elsewhere on the continent who locals accuse of stealing their jobs.
President Jacob Zuma himself has blamed last month’s xenophobic unrest on an unnamed employer in the eastern city of Durban who replaced South African workers with migrants.
Even if they say it normally turns out violent, I pray it be peaceful in order to avoid another series of xenophobic attacks on foreigners. 

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