Saturday, May 02, 2015

Veteran actor Peter Bruno passes on..

The actor died yesterday May 1st after a long battle with stroke for many years. His son, Peter Jr, who is also an actor took to Facebook to announce his passing. 
"In the early hours of today, my father, friend, teacher, confidant passed on." he wrote
Peter Bruno had complained for years, accusing his colleagues, even the ones he mentored in the industry, of abandoning after he fell ill.
"Since this thing happened there has been no single actor that called me to ask about my condition. It is a shame on their part. Would they say they don't know that I am sick? 'I had a stroke and that was the end of it" Peter Bruno told Vanguard in 2013.
He finally lost his battle with stroke. May his gentle soul rest in peace, amen.

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  1. Don't mind them, they already want him dead. I hate it if people are in a position to help but they fail to.whst is riches if you can't help the less privileged
    Rest in peace sir,