Friday, May 08, 2015

Why I can no longer trek for GEJ, Girl trekker Gloria speaks..

Recently the trekking trend at celebrating President-elect, Muhammedu Buhari and the spirit of sportsmanship shown by the outgoing President, Goodluck Jonathan, has continued to increase and many hopes that it ends after May 29.
Many questions are still raging as to wheather they really trek or they take motor along the way and pretend to have trekked that far? Well, newly joined trekkers, Gloria and Oladele Nihi have began their trek for Jonathan from Abuja to Otuoke but Gloria had to call it quit after trekking from Abuja to Lokoja.

According to her, she had to stop her journey half way after her parents got worried especially her mum who has been crying all along.
Here is her message to Nigerians;
Now that I've ended my #Trek4GEJ mission, my parents and family members are relieved and happy. Said they are very proud of me and never knew I was this strong.
Will be returning to Abuja first tin tomorrow morning! Hope y'all will come n receive me.
I also want to thank you all who believed in me and supported me on this journey. I love you all real hard! Plus all my now friend in Lokoja today.
Also want to use this medium to thank @OladeleNihi for giving me the opportunity to carry out this mission with him. Will be praying for him.
I've decided to stop my mission here in Lokoja. My parents are very worried and mumsy been crying. I wish to honour her with this even though it hurts.

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  1. You are sick. So your parents dint know when you embarked on it? Instead of her to say she can't cope with it again. Mumu girl. You think say na beans...

    Who will come and receive you? Ahahahahhaha ounpe