Sunday, May 03, 2015

Xenophobia: Foreigners in S’Africa form trade union

Foreign nationals in South Africa have formed their own trade union in the aftermath of recent xenophobic attacks that hit parts of the country.
The South African United Foreigner Trade Union said Saturday that the trade union’s mandate is to protect the rights of thousands of foreigners living in South Africa.
SAUFTU President Salman Khan said the union is going to be a mouthpiece on behalf of all the foreigners and NGO’s in South Africa.
It will also defend the right of the working class and at the same time provide a platform for the South African government to communicate and open dialogue for foreigners.
The SAUFTU was formed after thousands of foreigners fell victim to the latest wave of xenophobia attacks that erupted in late March in Durban and then spread to Johannesburg. 

This is a commendable initiative but I still feel they should return back home to their respective countries even if for some months. 

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  1. All foreigners should go to their respective country