Friday, May 01, 2015

Zimbabweans vent their anger on social media over Mugabe’s tribal comments

Many Zimbabweans have reacted angrily to reports that President Robert Mugabe had called members of the Kalanga tribe uneducated crooks at a SADC summit this week Thursday. 
Video footage of the 91-year-old president on Wednesday saying that Kalangas were widely regarded in the past to have engaged in petty criminal activities in South Africa is being circulated widely in Zimbabwe.

Many Kalangas live in Zimbabwe’s south-western Matabeleland provinces, where rates of migration to South Africa are highest.
Responding to questions from journalists on the xenophobic attacks that hit South Africa this month, Mugabe said: 
“The Kalangas were very notorious in South Africa are reputed to have been crooks and weren’t “educated enough to assume … jobs.”
A Facebook user, identifying herself as Zimbabwean socialite Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele, posted: “Did the president truly say those of my tribe are uneducated (KALANGA)… my uncle was the Attoney General … my aunt is the police commissioner… I’m educated”.
Mugabe’s criticism of those who flock to South Africa – he complained that migrants saw it as “heaven on earth” – has rankled many in Zimbabwe. There are at least one million Zimbabweans in South Africa, only 900 agreed to board state-provided buses home in the wake of the attacks in Durban and Gauteng.

Okay can someone how possible it is for a 91 years old man to think sanely, What in heaven's name is a man this old doing in office?

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