Wednesday, June 24, 2015

16 yrs old boy sneaks into Nairobi's State House to beg for money from the President

A young man who jumped into State House, Nairobi, has pleaded with President Uhuru Kenyatta to help him complete his education. Matthew Kinuthia Maina was charged on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to the charge of entering a protected zone illegally. The court was told in an interesting turn of events that he is a minor and not a terror suspect.

Mr Maina had been presented before Resident Magistrate Edda Agade on Monday, alongside two other men arrested on the same day with him by the Anti -Terror Police Unit (ATPU), on suspicion that they were all members of the Al Shabaab.

“Yes I jumped into State House because I knew I will find the President there. I wanted him to help me with money to record my songs so that I can be able to raise my fees and go back to school. I just wanted to ask for his help, I still do,” he said.
He will have to undergo an age assessment before he is sentenced.

While I feel sending him to jail or pressing charges is unfair, I also feel it was stupid of him to have gotten into the State's House illegally just to beg for money.. must you jump the fence?


  1. I won't blame him, they should help him instead before he turns out you something rlse

  2. If it was that easy for him to get in then their security is not good. He just might be innocent

  3. Why send him to jail? Who knows, the guy might just be innocent