Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 dead as man drives SUV into crowds in Graz, Austria

A four-year-old boy is reported to be one of three people killed after an SUV ploughed into a crowd of people in Graz, Austria.
Another 34 people were injured in the attack, with six said to be in a serious condition.
Eyewitnesses say the driver rammed into crowds at up to 90mph before he got out and began randomly stabbing bystanders, which included the elderly and policemen.

The National Police Director, Josef Klamminger, said the man, who is believed to be a 26-year-old Austrian truck driver, was suffering from 'psychosis' related to 'family problems'.
The attacker is believed to be married with two children. 
The driver did not resist when he was arrested by the police - who say he acted alone - and they have no reason to believe it was an act of terrorism. 
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