Monday, June 29, 2015

50 things that can kill an artiste’s career by Alibaba

Honestly, Alibaba is the funniest comedian alive today in Nigeria. In continuation of his 50th birthday celebration, Comedian Alibaba has released 50 things that can kill an artiste’s career. Please take a little time to read and enjoy. 

1.Not understanding the business 2. Failure to research 3. Poor financial management skills 4. Charges and discounts 5. Pride and arrogance 6. Expensive Lifestyle 7. Taking game changers for granted 8. Bad health 9. Peer pressure 10. Lack of quality education 11. Wicked contracts 12. Failure to take risks 13. Not matching up to competition 14. Not networking 15. Failure to weigh consequences of decisions 16. Wanting to be everything 17. Hangers on who don’t build or contribute but only take 18. 19. Side chicks 20. India hemp 21. Complacency 22. Bad PR 23. Rent 24. Baby momma 25. Facing the future with old ideas 26. Stingy and selfish 27. Can’t think for themselves and won’t pay someone who can 28. Not IT compliant. 29. Keeping up appearances 30. Lack of integrity 31. Bad company 32. Bad habits 33. Alcohol 34. No self confidence 35. Bad belle journalists 36. Wrong advices 37. That stalker you said NOOOO! To 38. Beef aka jealousy 39. No set goals 40. No mentors and role models 41. Karma 42. Afowofa 43. No career review mechanism 44. Poor choice of life partners 45. 46. Weak upbringing 47. Home trouble 48. Unnecessary rivalry 49. Controversy 50. Lack of a structured industry.

This comedian has said it all. If only our young artistes of nowadays will listen.  

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  1. I think I will apply it to every other business.