Friday, June 05, 2015

68 people including pregnant women caught locked in containers bound for Britain

Mehn I never knew some white folks could be this  desperate,locking their selves in containers not minding the limited supply of air... 68 people including two pregnant women and 15 children have been found locked in cargo containers shipped into Harwich International Port last night.
Four Polish lorry drivers have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain from Holland on the Stena Hollandica super-ferry.                         
Home Office officials said today the group of 53 adults and 15 children included 35 from Afghanistan, 22 from China, 10 from Vietnam and one person from Russia. 
Seven of the stowaways were taken to Colchester General Hospital in Essex for treatment after complaining of abdominal pains and chest pains caused by the cramped conditions.
All the suspected illegal immigrants have been assessed and have now been handed to UK Border Agency officials.

Daily Mail

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