Sunday, June 21, 2015

Aljazeera journalist arrested in Berlin

The Qatar-based Al Jazeera network is calling on German authorities tor release a journalist arrested in Berlin and wanted in Egypt.
Ahmed Mansour, a senior journalist for the network, was arrested at the airport in Berlin as he tried to board a flight to Qatar, Al Jazeera reported Saturday.
An Egyptian court convicted and sentenced Mansour in absentia on charges of torturing a lawyer in Cairo's Tahrir Square in 2011. He was sentenced to 15 years
In a statement, Mansour said the German officers told him the arrest was at the request of Egyptian authorities.
"I informed [the German police] that the global police organization has rejected Egypt's request and that I have this document from the Interpol to prove that I am not wanted in any charge," Mansour said.
Germany's federal police cited an Interpol request as the reason for the arrest.

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  1. Aljazeera journalists always getting in trouble with Egypt