Thursday, June 25, 2015

Floyd Mayweather celebrates earning $300million in one year

Forbes announced Floyd Mayweather was the highest paid athlete in the last year earlier this month, earning an eye-watering $300million (£210m).
How did he celebrate? The 38-year-old was pictured standing in front of a display at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas to commemorate his huge earnings.    

The exhibition shows the ‘skim room’ where mobsters would steal some of the cash in a casino counting room and reads ‘$300 million easy’.
Mayweather shared the picture of him posing, arms out stretched in celebration of his wealth on instagram and wrote: ‘Forbes, I’m just getting started this year.’


  1. Go ahead and celebrate man, after all, it's not easy to earn such huge amount in just a year

  2. All that money for one man. I still love you Lord even if **