Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Forbes billionaire gives away N120b fortune, becomes a monk with no asset

According to reports, Forbes Millionaire,Bhanwarlal Doshi, 58, who is said to be worth over $600m has given away all his fortune.
Doshi who owns a plastic company has converted into the famous Jain monk’s life. He converted on Sunday, May 31, 2015 and became one of the disciples of Jain Acharya,Shri Gunratna Surishwarji Maharaj.                       

To start his monk life, a party was thrown for him, over 1500 people attended the party.
After the ceremony, Doshi is expected to live in abject poverty with no maids or money or any physical possession.
Reports have it that Doshi had always wanted to become a monk after he listened to Jain’s lectures in 1981, but it took him time to convince his family. 

You know we could sacrifice our life talk less of money to a cause we wholeheartedly love 

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  1. nawa,make he share the money reach my side...mtscheeeew