Thursday, June 25, 2015

Man arrested for taking pictures of policeman as he took bribe from motorist

Lolz, this is what they call 'Nyanga dey sleep trouble go wake am'. For taking pictures of a policeman collecting bribe from a commercial motorist, a young man, Thompson Ntiedo has been arrested.        
He was arrested by personnel of the Okota Police Station on Tuesday evening, who claimed they were carrying out the directives of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), James Chu, a CSP.
The victim was detained for three hours, released on bail at about 9pm with his two phones confiscated after he was forced to delete all the pictures he took.
Narrating his ordeal, the victim said:”I was in a commercial bus when we got to the area and one of the policemen on the road was demanding that our driver bribe him.
“I brought out my phone and captured him and they saw me. They dragged me out of the bus and seized the phone I used to take the pictures.
“They said I was under arrest but I begged that they should delete the pictures and release me but they refused.
“The next thing, they called the station and a patrol van appeared and they demanded that I enter because the DPO wants to see me.
As if detaining him was not enough, his brother who signed his bail bond was allegedly made to part away with some cash as “appreciation”.


  1. Shameless police officers that can't leave their lives off bribes

  2. They are really shameless people

  3. something like this happened to me lastweek friday,as in,i dont know how i scaled through,that they didnt break my tab was a testimony. maybe my fine face didnt allow them put me in their anticriminal patrol van abi what did the fool call their van sef ishould share the story on my blog this weekend,dont make jest of me Rella oo,hian