Saturday, June 13, 2015

Man attacks Dallas police HQ, killed after shootout with police

A man unleashed a barrage of gunfire on Dallas' police headquarters and planted explosives outside the building early Saturday -- narrowly failing to wound anyone -- leading to a chase to a suburb that ended with SWAT officers killing him in his parked van at a restaurant parking lot.
Police shot him through the windshield of the van about an hour before dawn after he made more threats, sometime after they chased him to the lot outside the Jack in the Box restaurant in the suburb of Hutchins, authorities said.      
But police didn't confirm his death until the early afternoon, with a bomb squad needing to inspect the vehicle after the suspect told them that the vehicle contained explosives.
"We believe this suspect meant to kill officers," police Chief David Brown told reporters. "We barely survived the intentions of this suspect."
Before he was shot, the suspect ranted to police by phone, giving his name and alleging police were responsible for his child having been taken from him, but investigators haven't confirmed his identity, Brown said.
    The attack began shortly after midnight, with the man firing an assault weapon and then a shotgun from the outside, riddling police cars and the windows of the headquarters, which sits across the street from a large apartment and office complex.


    1. What kind of stunt was that? He could have been mentally sick too.

    2. Saw it in the news, the man gave the police a good chase.