Thursday, June 25, 2015

Man convicted of assault after biting girl during 'rough' sex

This guy was only trying to give missy some good time but she just doesn't get the drift. You bite to turn up the heat.. Lolz! A student who bit his lover on her bottom while they were having sex has been landed with a criminal conviction for assault after she complained to police.
Samuel Price, 24, and Elizabeth Sandlin, 20, who had an on-off relationship, ended up in bed together after exchanging flirty texts on Valentine’s Day.        
But Price, who was drunk, ‘went too far’ and became rough – pulling Miss Sandlin’s hair and biting her on the neck.
He told officers he was ‘not out of control’ and that Miss Sandlin had been ‘moaning’ and enjoying herself. He claimed he bit her on the bottom ‘to cheer her up’ and was ‘trying to turn her on’.


  1. My sister will not kill me with laughter. Why did the girl not stop him after the first bite

  2. hahahahah! the girl no understand good thing

  3. Ahh! Rella wetin be this one ehh? LWKMD...The guy was really enjoying the thing. Kai...

  4. Lolz this one na gobe