Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Motorcyclist rapes 11-year-old girl for six months

A 38-year-old motorcyclist, Obinna Ekusaba has been nabbed by the police for allegedly defiling a primary six pupil for six months in the Kirikiri area of Lagos State.
The incident was said to have happened from December, 2014, to May, 2015, on Karimu Street, Kirikiri Town.        
It was gathered that the victim’s mother sells cigarette and alcoholic drinks in a motor park along the street; Ekusaba usually parked his motorcycle there and was one of her customers.
The first day he had canal knowledge of her, the victim’s mother was not around when the suspect called the 11-year-old to bring a bottle of drink into an uncompleted building in the motor park.
While she took the drink to him, Ekisaba allegedly lured the victim with money before defiling her.
Ekusaba was said to have subsequently defiled the victim severally before her mother got wind of what was happening on May 19 when the victim’s private parts had enlarged.
The matter was reported to policemen at the Kirikiri division after the victim confessed that Ekusaba had been having canal knowledge of her; this subsequently led to the arrest of the suspect by the police.
While giving her statement to the police, the victim said Ekusaba gave her N1,000 before having his way on her the first time.
She said, “Brother Obinna (Ekusaba) used to buy cigarette, water and alcoholic drinks from my mother’s shop.
“Last year, I was in my mother’s shop when brother Obinna called me to bring a bottle for him inside the building.
“On getting there, he put his hand inside his pocket and brought out N500; he asked me to enter. But I told him my daddy used to give me N500. He then brought out N1,000. As I entered the building, he removed my pants and put his private parts inside my own.
“After he removed it, I demanded the money and he brought it out. As I was about to collect it, he put it back inside his pocket. That was how brother Obinna started sleeping with me.”
The victim’s mother alleged that she noticed that her daughters private part has changed as her hand could freely enter her private part while she was having her bath.

This is way too horrible, just can't deal.. plus the little girl who demanding for money after everything that went down.. Sickening  


  1. This is not good, and I ask again, when will we stop hearing about rape? It's really getting out of hand

  2. wow! the young girl is expose to bad things already