Sunday, June 28, 2015

(Photos) 85 year old man marries 82 year old man in USA

Should senility be an excuse for these ones?
85 -year-old Jack Evans and 82-year-old George Harris are seen here kissing during their marriage in America yesterday immediately the Supreme court passed verdict on same-sex marriage. They have been together for 54 years, and were the first in Dallas County, Texas to get a marriage licence in Texas.

Old men that should be at home praying and singing rhymes for their grand kids be behaving like teens... 


  1. After all men marry themselves and women do likewise, who will birth new babies?

  2. Old men no go respect dier old age nd even dier gray hairs nd age gracefully, dey dere dey fool dier old age, make somebody jux gimme gun make I shoot dier yanch scatter

  3. Barbaric and nonsense law