Monday, June 01, 2015

See what Olu Jacobs and wife wore to the Presidential dinner gala night

Lovely Nollywood couple, Joke Silva and husband, Olu Jacobs, were part of the entertainment dignitaries present at the President Buhari inaugural gala night held in the Aso Rock Villa, on the 29th of May, 2015.
The elated couple who were seen moving about together became the toast of many as they never left each other’s side except to strike a pose with a guest.                           
After the presidential gala at the villa, the proud actress, Joke, begged the husband for them to have another photograph outside the villa while they were about leaving.
In her words, “After the presidential gala @ the villa with my dress was a hit.”
Dressed all gown; the actress has indeed shown that one does not have to dress naked before one can be respected or accepted.


  1. i love this couple.... it always seems fresh with them

  2. My best nollywood couple

  3. These ones have lived life abeg

    Thank God for them!!!!