Thursday, June 18, 2015

Senator Ben Bruce to donate his wardrobe allowance to Osun workers

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has pledged to donate his wardrobe allowance to the unpaid workers in Osun state. Bruce also said the widows in his constituency are not left out.
According to him, “I, Ben Murray Bruce, will not sit down idly, while my fellow citizens die because salaries have not been paid.
As a first step, I am immediately donating my wardrobe allowance to unpaid workers in Osun state and widows in my Constituency
We are starting in Osun, but we will not end there. I will do as much to help workers who’ve not been paid in other states.
I call on all my friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook to donate NON PERISHABLE food items for these our brothers in need.
As soon as my wardrobe allowance is paid, I will divide it into 2. Half will be publicly given to the NLC Chairman Osun.
The other half will be publicly given to the head of widows association in my community of Akasa.”


  1. That's so kind of him

  2. is ben bruce that nice?*sideeye*