Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Susan Peters gives reasons on why she is still single

Susan Peters is one of the celebrities in Nigeria that is yet to settle down with a man. This has caused some of her fans to ask questions as to when she will give marriage a thought. 
But in a chat with Encomium Magazine recently, the actress explained her reasons for still being single.              
According to her, “Getting married is not a title, but when the right time comes, I will be celebrated and so will every other person be too.”
“Human beings just like to deceive themselves. I am waiting for a rich guy or I’m waiting for a born again Christian. There is no such thing, only few people have the true meaning of fear of God. As each day passes, we offend God with our thoughts and words, and God still forgives.
“Those who claim Mr. Right are the ones who end up betraying. For the records, everyone’s father trained them to the level they are, so both parties should be able to train each other if they are willing to learn. I too have my flaws but a man who truly loves me and not my person will be able to deal with it,” she said.


  1. This her pic is over edited she now looks like a painted work....

    Do you have to give any reason why you ain't married? What do people need it for? Live your life biko!!!

  2. Thanks for informing us Aunty Susan. We're grateful

  3. I love her make up,that's all