Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why I married an older man - Dabota Lawson

Business executive, actress and Former beauty queen and entrepreneur, Dabota Lawson-Aku, may have gotten many tongues wagging over her sudden marriage to a wealthy billionaire Nigerian who is way older than her some months back.
For the former queen, being a step mother is not a problem as she claims her decision was a well thought out plan which got the nod of her loved ones.                                            
On the age of her husband, Dabota, stated that she never thought about it for any reason because of the love of God which has brought joy into the family and the affection she has for him.
“When you love somebody, you just love him or her with your whole heart. You do not think about age or anything of that nature. My husband’s age is not a problem because a marriage built on the laws of God must work regardless of age, class or origin and that is what my husband and I have going for us. We face what God has to say before anything else,” she told Punch.
She noted that what she likes about her husband is that he is a selfless man who aside God, puts her first in everything he does.
This beautiful lady just does not get it that she owes no one an explanation for marrying the man she chose to. If you like marry Methuselah, it's your life! 



  2. Story for the gods

  3. shuo! wetin consign bmf now
    me sef na older man i marry

  4. I too like dis chick, whoever critize ur marriage make dem go die, so far d maney (money) is dere. F**k all dem haters