Sunday, June 28, 2015

Woman fined £100 for eating banana while at the wheel

A single mother who was caught eating a banana at the wheel while stuck in gridlocked traffic has moaned she was treated 'like a criminal' after being fined £100.
Elsa Harris, who works as a carer, was pulled over while driving to work along a gridlocked road in Christchurch, Dorset.                                   
She was handed the fine and given the choice of either three penalty points or completing a driver awareness course after admitting taking her hands off the wheel momentarily to peel the banana.
The 45-year-old, who insists her car was stationary in a traffic jam when she the incident occurred, has now blasted the fine as 'ridiculous'.
She said: 'I'm a single mum. This is the most expensive banana I've ever had in my life.'
Now can these white folks please give me a break, com' on this is nothing, I have seen drivers sleeping while driving in Naija!.. lolz. 


  1. I will still marry one fine oyibo no matter how crazy they are.

  2. Such cannot happen in Nigeria ,Lai Lai

  3. Who wan try this one for my country?