Thursday, July 16, 2015

50Cent acknowledges Nollywood actor Francis Odega's viral comic video

Rapper 50Cent surprised many after he liked and shared Nollywood actor, Francis Odega's movie. The movie became   trending on social media especially after a cut from it which was edited after he returned from America and was trying to speak the American way on getting to his village.
The title of the movie which is ‘Welcome to South and Agony of South,’ has been edited with the part where the actor was saying ‘This is me for real, don’t ask me sh!t.’                  
Though it has been shared by many on social media, what caught the attention of many is when American rapper, 50Cent shared the same video where he wrote on the video, ‘My reaction when people call me for free Tickets like I owe them something.

Some Nigerian fans who have been following the American rapper were so happy to see the singer share the video which as at the time of reporting the story, it has hit about 5708 comments and 23,082 likes.


  1. This guy's fame has automatically doubled..

  2. I love it when he says gerrout of here. He don turn to superstar overnight lolz