Monday, July 13, 2015

Breathtaking moment lions catch antelope inches from stunned tourists on safari park road

This is the breathtaking moment two lions brought down and savaged an antelope just inches from the cars of stunned tourists in a game reserve in South Africa.         
Briton Carolyn Dunford, 23, who is completing an internship at Kruger National Park, South Africa, captured the bloody drama early Friday morning along with wide-eyed nature-lovers - some watching the spectacle with their windows wide open.
It is only two months since american Katherine Chappell, 29, was dragged through the window of a car by a lion at The Lion Park near Johannesburg. These white folks never learn!! What if the lions suddenly turn on them? Alright maybe they believe they think the windows of their cars can keep the lions' claws at bay. More photos below 


  1. this is scary!

  2. Hmmm this is not funny...they are so big and well fed. They were not particularly focusing onbthe tourists inside the car because they already had a pray they were after. Otherwise it would have been different story by now. I think the zoo management should do something about this before it will endanger the lives of tourists. If na mi enh. I no go dream of going there again in my life.

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