Sunday, July 12, 2015

Busted! Benefits dad who claimed he couldn't walk caught lifting a scooter

A former trucker who says he is too disabled to work has been caught hauling a 17-stone mobility scooter up a flight of steps outside his flat.
Gwynfor Jones, 50, rakes in £1,340 a month in benefits and claims he cannot climb three stairs or walk 100ft unaided.                              
The twice-divorced father-of-two says he has suffered six heart attacks, a minor stroke and has problems with one of his kidneys and his legs, but seemed perfectly able to lift the heavy machine up the steps to his home in Bournemouth.
When he was confronted by The Sun, Mr Jones said: 'The authorities would have my guts for garters if they saw this. They'd say I don't need benefits.'
His state handouts include £217 a month in Personal Independence Payments, £324-a-fortnight Employment Support Allowance because he is registered as disabled and Housing Benefit of £98 a week. 
Can you imagine.. this more than able bodied man has been receiving free money like kilode..lolz

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  1. Thank God he has been exposed