Thursday, July 09, 2015

Check out this unusual wedding between a lady and a pic frame

The funny picture of an absurd wedding has been trending online. The photos surfaced on Facebook of a wedding which had the groom absent. In his place was a nice frame which his bride appeared to be satisfied with judging by her smiles throughout the ceremony.                                       
From further investigations, it was gathered that the wedding took place somewhere in Nigeria whist a huge party was held after the pastor had joined the bride and ‘frame’ as man and wife.
And that's how they end up getting married to a gay, drug addict or even end up with a broken home within weeks of the wedding. Well it's her life..


  1. azzzzzzz in, people still do this????Will she start having sex with the pics or what????

  2. Eww! See what a lady like me did to herself all in the name of marriage

  3. Groom in absential.all this long distance relationship is....

    Btw thank God i can comment now your comment box,its not jumping like a puppy again

  4. God have mercy nd funny enuf she's happy