Friday, July 03, 2015

Force dismisses police officer after he harassed his former lover with 42,000 msgs

With the busy nature of the Police Force, I wonder how a policeman can have time for such 'naughtiness'..  A  police officer who served for 29 years in Dorset police has been dismissed from the police force for bringing it to disrepute after he harassed his former lover with 42,000 messages. 
Pc Allan Smith, 54, subjected his on-off partner to a torrent of abuse over several years through thousands of frightening text, Facebook and WhatsApp messages to control her.
He also abused his position by using police computers to find out details about another woman he started a relationship with.
At a special case hearing held today, Chief Constable Debbie Simpson of Dorset Police said Smith had brought discredit on the police and undermined public confidence.
She said him remaining in the force after pleading guilty to the charges was 'untenable' and the outcome had to be immediate dismissal.

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  1. Unreasonable ground for dismissal