Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hundreds injured in Johannesburg train collision

Hundreds of people including children have been injured after two trains collided during peak hour in the South African city of Johannesburg, police have said.                  
At least 259 people were believed to have been injured in the collision, 100 of whom have already been discharged from hospital.         
No fatalities were reported.
"What we do know is that the trains were travelling on the same line and that one train rear-ended the other," our correspondent said.
"The one train had stopped because of a signal when another came from behind us hooting and smashed into its back," one commuter told the African News Agency.
The accident happened at peak hour between two stations, with both trains travelling from the Johannesburg city centre to the township of Soweto, Lillian Mofokeng, the Metrorail spokeswoman for the Gauteng province, told the Associated Press news agency.

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  1. Heeyah, negligence of the driver