Monday, July 06, 2015

I'm not like my colleagues who have kids recklessly - Skales

The singer, who was speaking on a Channels TV programme, Rubbin Minds, has disclosed that he got signed to his former record label, EME, at the age of 15 and that the label was expecting him to succeed as a rapper.                
Skales, speaking about his private life, said he is business oriented having studied Business Administration in school. He added that while some of his colleagues are busy having children, he is not ready to make his relationship with any lady public.
"I play safe. All my friends in the industry have kids. It's safer to keep your private life private. Right now, I like to put my relationship in private," he said on the show.
Alright keep playing safe man, others have played safe and failed, the only way to play safe is not to play at all. 

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  1. U dey mind the idiot play safe he for jux tell us say he na saint he no dey play @ all, dose he colleagues wen dey bring dier own out to d general public no better pass who maybe don go give one of he village girl belle? I no talk o