Saturday, July 18, 2015

In a bid to cut off umbilical cord, medical students slice newborns' penis

A newborn baby's penis was almost cut off by interns at a hospital as they tried to remove the baby's umbilical cord, it has been claimed.
The trainees are then said to have whisked the baby away 
to surgery to repair the damage unknown to the parents of the baby.  

Dad Diego Rangel Izaguirre says he and his wife became concerned after being denied access to their newborn.
He said the students at Saltillo hospital, in Mexico, told him his son had suffered "a minor accident". 
Mr Izaguirre, said:
  "When my child was born and they cut his umbilical cord they injured his penis. And unfortunately when the surgeon started sewing it, he made other two new injuries, almost two centimetres deep
The couple have made an official complaint but hospital officials claim the newborn is healthy and that the operation was both minor and consented by the parents.A hospital spokesman said:
"During the cut of the umbilical cord the skin of the prepuce was accidentally injured and repaired through the usual circumcision process that was consented by the parents."
"The Regional Delegation rejects the versions spread by media according to which the genitals of a newborn "were cut" in the General Hospital no. 1. "
Despite the denial, the hospital has launched an internal investigation

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  1. Omg! This is medical negligence. Am sure he won't go scotfree. He will sure pay compensation to the family