Friday, July 17, 2015

Kim Kardashian shares naked photo while covered in silver paint from a 2011 shoot

Kim Kardashian delighted her fans on Thursday by sharing a naked photo of herself rolling around in silver paint.

The snapshot, which was taken several years ago for W Magazine, showed the now-34-year-old lounging on her back, with nothing but the body paint preserving her modesty.
Kim vowed she would 'definitely never take her clothes off again' after seeing a preview of her W Magazine pictures, which she described as like 'full on porn'.
Of course, that's clearly not the case nowadays for Kim, who has been stripping off for various publications over the past year.


  1. Kim is the queen of nudity; we're used to seeing her naked body

  2. I've lost count of her nude pix

  3. Am tired of seeing sef

  4. Chai! Kanye West I hail thee